DJA Instructional Plan

DJA is closed to the public until further notice and all instruction will be done virtually. The front office will be accepting telephone calls (863-421-3267) on Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 1:00PM.

Instructional Expectations: Each Teacher will contact their students via the student school email address unless pre-planned by the teacher. On Wednesday, April 1st, DJA will post, via social media, the teachers’ names and platform they will be using with students. Teachers will be taking attendance and will be posting grades from work completed. All grades will be earned from tangible work by students. Teachers will be communicating with students about learning standards and assignment information. If a teacher has not communicated with your student by  Monday, April 6th, please contact the school 863-421-3267 from 9:00AM-1:00PM.

Instructional Platforms: Our DJA teachers will be using virtual platforms to provide our students with instruction. We’ve included a help guide below to help your family quickly identify which platforms each teacher will be using.

Many teachers at our school have already been using these online platforms all year long and many students already have classes created in Google Classroom or accounts created for Math Nation, Khan Academy, Achieve 3000, and Seesaw.

Students will be expected to post assignments as directed by teachers on these given platforms. Due dates will be coordinated by teachers and teachers are available by email to assist with assignments and questions.

Students are asked to check their student emails daily to ensure they are not missing communication from their teachers. Each student has an email address which can be accessed from Classlink and in the Outlook Online icon. Students will use the same username and password as the would to log into a computer at school but the full email address will be their .

For students who need to add a class for Google Classroom if they log into Google Classroom from class link, they can click the “+ Join a Class” button and enter their class code. Teachers have added their class code into their first assignment in Student/Parent Portal and can be accessed by hovering over the assignment description OR they have sent an email to the student with their specific class code.

If you are on a mobile phone, please click this link to view the mobile-friendly version: DJA Instructional Platforms (Mobile Friendly)


Teacher Name Virtual Instructional Platform Email
Boucher Google Classroom
Faughn Google Classroom
Johnson Google Classroom
Longley Google Classroom & Legends of Learning
Rivers Google Classroom

Social Studies

Teacher Name Virtual Instructional Platform Email
Bork Google Classroom
Gonzalez, R. Google Classroom
McCullough Google Classroom & Online Textbook-McGraw Hill-Connect
Smith, S. Google Classroom
Teacher Name Virtual Instructional Platform Email
Coca Pre-Algebra: Google Classroom & Khan Academy

Intensive Math: Imagine Math (2 Lessons per Week)
Gonzalez, C. Algebra 1: Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Math Nation

Geometry: Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Math Nation

Pre-Algebra: Google Classroom, Khan Academy
Jenkins Regular/Adv Class: Google Classroom

Intensive Math: Imagine Math (2 Lessons per Week)
Johnson Intensive Math: Imagine Math (2 Lessons per Week)
Pottinger Regular Class: Google Classroom & Khan Academy

Intensive Math: Imagine Math (2 Lessons per Week)
Waldron Regular/Adv Class: Google Classroom & Khan Academy

Intensive Math: Imagine Math (2 Lessons per Week)
Walker Intensive Math: Imagine Math (2 Lessons per Week)
Language Arts & Reading
Teacher Name Virtual Instructional Platform Email
Bostic (LA) Google Classroom
Earls (LA) Google Classroom
Hodge (Reading) Intensive Reading Class: Achieve 3000 & TEAMS

Critical Thinking:

Google Classroom & Quill Vocabulary
McKay (Reading) Intensive Reading Class: Achieve 3000
Nieves (LA) Google Classroom
Walker (LA) Google Classroom
Teacher Name Virtual Instructional Platform Email


Microsoft Teams

(Fab Lab)

Google Classroom


Google Classroom

(Environmental Science)

Google Classroom




Google Classroom


Google Classroom


Google Classroom

(Environmental Science)

Google Classroom
Smith, L.

(Digital Art)


(Environmental Science)

Google Classroom
Webb / Adaja Autmon

(ICT – Information Tech.)

Google Classroom

Student Expectations: Students must be responsible to be in contact with their teachers. Students need to be active and engaged with their virtual instruction. Any student who is not documented as active and engaged will be receiving a call from the teacher, subject-area leader, and/or administration. Students are asked to reach out to teachers for support with their learning.

Additional Electronic Device Request Pick-Up: If you emailed the school using the email we provided,, in the original technology distribution plan, the devices will be distributed in the same process as the initial device distribution.

Students Enrolled in Music Classes: If you are a Band, Guitar, or Orchestra student who has left your instrument on campus, we will be providing a pick-up, drive-through process on April 8th from 10:00AM-12:00PM on Wood Avenue.

PCPS Instructional Continuity Plan 28032020