Important Note About Electronic Devices at School

Dear Parent, Guardians, & Families,

The use of cell phones on campus this year has added additional stress and has opened the door for safety violations. The Administrative team and I have “tweaked” the Daniel Jenkins Cellphone Policy and it will be implemented the last month of school. I appreciate your support in helping us to keep your children safe at school.

Phone Policy and Procedure

  • Students’ phones will be put in the phone tree at the beginning of class and be redistributed at the end of class.
  • Each teacher will have a phone tree where the pockets are numbered. The numbers on the tree will be coordinated with the numbers on each desk. For example, if a student’s desk is #1, then he/she puts their phone in pocket #1.
  • Only Administrators may confiscate students’ phones.
  • If a student brings a phone to school, they are expected to put the phone in the phone tree.
  • If a student has a phone visible on their body, they must put the phone in the phone tree.
  • If the student has a phone and it is NOT in the phone tree and it goes off during class, the phone will be confiscated, and the student will receive consequences.
  • If the student has a phone confiscated at all, the parent, or a responsible adult related to the student, will be responsible for retrieving the phone. Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders.

Teachers will be responsible for handing the phones from the phone tree to the students. It will be the teachers’ responsibility to teach the students the procedure for the classroom. All teachers are expected to follow the policy.


Dr. Kathryn Blackburn