School Uniforms, Dress Code, and Supplies

Please review the following information regarding DJA 2020-2021 uniform policy:

  • Navy blue or forest green DJA shirts
  • Solid tan khaki bottoms (including shorts/skorts, skirts, and pants)
    • Bottom no shorter than 3 inches above the kneecap
    • Belts must be worn with loops
  • Athletic type shoes only (no soft soles)
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times and may not contain offensive symbols and/or language, nor can have any political affiliation.

More details will be provided during Orientation and in the student Handbook. Orientation will be Thursday, August 20th. More details to come.

Many families have asked about supplies. No need to worry, Jags… We have what you need! Just be sure to buy your DJA school shirts which are on sale 5 for $40.

Thank you for your patience as we prepare to start the school year.