Student ID Badges

The Polk County School Board policy for secondary schools states that all students must wear an ID badge every day. Wearing the ID badge daily is a very important measure for the safety of all students and staff. Daniel Jenkins Academy will be issuing ID badges, ID cases, and a school lanyard starting on Tuesday, September 3rd. The first badge, ID cover, and lanyard are provided to students at no cost. If a student loses their ID badge, the student will be required to pay $10.00 for a replacement badge. 

If your child forgets his or her badge, a wristband will be provided for the student to wear that day to help ensure safety and security. The names of students who do not have badges will be sent to the office with the expectation that the students will bring the badge the following day. If they do not bring the badge the following day, a new badge will be made, and the $10.00 replacement fee will be documented.

Please help us by helping your student develop a daily routine so that they have their ID badge. Unpaid replacement fees may lead to the student losing eligibility for entrances into after school events. Thank you!