Student Expectations – IMPORTANT

Dear DJA Families,

Thank you for all the support you have given the school during these unusual times. I can honestly say without the support of the staff, students, and families, we could not have done what we have done, and continue to do this school year.

That being said, you know we are in the business of educating children. I would be remiss if I did not communicate our expectations for this school year. It is very important to remember that whether you are a campus student or an e-Learning student, you are still a DJA student. I am saying this because we are midway through the first 9-weeks and students must maintain the school’s expectations for learning to achieve academic success. High expectations support student academic success.

  • Daily attendance and engagement, every period every day. e-Learning students should be attending Zoom session. This is one way the student’s attendance is documented. Campus students need to come to school daily. When students are attending classes, they are recognized as essential participants in the learning process. As parents, it is very important that you monitor your child’s attendance in their classes. If your child is an eLearning student and they are not logging in and attending ZOOM instructional sessions, they cannot be successful in that class. If a campus student is not coming to school or is being checked out and missing class periods, that student cannot be successful in that class.
  • Engagement is also a key component in learning. As a student, they need to be actively engaged, listening, comprehending, and asking questions. This is no different for e-Learners or campus students.  However, there is a special protocol with our eLearning students that should be used.  Elearning students should be ready to learn.  You should have your DJA shirt on and your camera on.  The engagement piece is interacting with the teacher, therefore the camera and microphone should be on unless the teacher tells you other directions.
  • Completion of assignments is another key component in learning. The assignments help the student to practice what they have learned, as well as helping the learner to apply the new knowledge. Completing assignments also help the teacher to know and understand what each student has not learned. Assignments are not just used for posting grades, although it is a part of assessing the success of each student. It also is essential for the teacher to see where the student has the holes and gaps in learning.

Each student has enough time to improve the grades earned in this first 9-weeks. Support is available for e-Learning, as well as campus students.

  • Attendance, engagement, and participation in each class daily.
  • Communication with the teacher, especially if you are having difficulty with the learning.
  • Parents can check their Parent Portal to support attendance and grades weekly.
  • Parents can email and/or call teachers to communicate concerns and develop a plan for their student’s success in that class.
  • Requesting a conference is a great way to have all parties together to support effective learning for your child.

Please help us to support success for your child. If your child is failing any subject, it is of the upmost importance to get a plan developed so that your child can improve and pass the subject. Please call the school (863-421-3267) and speak to Ms. Flores, our guidance counselor, so that we can schedule a conference.

Student Expectation Letter